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Hop-on Hop-off Lisbon is a highly flexible way to travel around town and see all the Lisbon attractions. Get on a Yellow Bus Lisbon on the choice of your route and enjoy the flexibility to get off wherever you like. Travel effortlessly around Portugal’s capital while exploring major attractions like the Castle of São Jorge, Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa, and more. Lisbon hop-on hop-off is one of the best things to do in the city when you’re looking for a different perspective.
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Experience Lisbon in Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

Explore Portugal’s capital with ease during your hop-on hop-off Lisbon city tour. With your Lisbon bus tickets, you’ll discover one of the most ancient cities in the world. The birthplace of Fado music, Lisbon is known for its gorgeous pastel-colored buildings, bridges, shopping options, lively nightlife, and more. 

During your sightseeing trip, encounter the old-world charm of the city, which is filled with yellow trams, cobbled streets, and Fado music. Start off your vacation with an introductory tour that covers about a dozen stops in the city. Or satisfy your wanderlust with a scenic Lisbon Tram tour! You can even choose to ride on an Olisipo bus that will take you directly to popular places where the locals like to relax. And if you want the ultimate Lisbon experience, explore the city by land and water on trams, Olisipo busses, and even yellow boats.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the best time to book the Lisbon hop-on hop-off tour?

    The summer months from March to October are the best to explore Lisbon. The weather is generally warm and sunny enough to enjoy its beaches as well. Also, there are fewer crowds during this time and you may be able to score great deals on accommodation and sightseeing tours.

  • Q: Where can I find a list of all the stops and a map of the various Lisbon hop-on hop-off tour routes?

    You can visit the relevant product page and check the Useful Downloads section to find the latest information as routes, stops, and timings change frequently.

  • Q: Which Lisbon hop-on hop-off is the best?

    Depending on your travel requirement, you can choose either the Yellow Bus Lisbon with the choice of routes or the Yellow Bus Belem with Modern Lisbon Hop-on Hop-Off tour to explore the best of the city in a convenient and comfortable manner.

  • Q: Where do I exchange my Lisbon bus tour voucher or paper ticket?

    You will receive Lisbon bus tour vouchers on your smartphone. Since it is an E-voucher, you can show it at the time of arrival.

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